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D.C.K.F World Champion
Shino Tavangar

Shino's quote during training: If it was easy, we wouldn't be doing this!

Shino T. From the age of 8, trained Taekwondo. The idea of combining combos with kicks motivated Shino to learn Muay Thai and Dutch K-1 style from the age of 16.

Mental strength and inner balance are focused training areas with a lot of philosophical thinking. Almost a Buddhist student.

It's about discipline and you hardly dare to be late for his training sessions.

When training with Shino, it's about strengthening your mind as much as your body.

Shino teaches Muay Thai/K-1 and is the head COACH in our gym and has also trained in Spain and Kickboxing in the USA.

He has a promoter's license and has promoted title fights and major events in Denmark for several years.

Under Shino's training, the gym has achieved both national, scandinavian, European and world titles.

Shino him self is a World Champion in middleweight Kickboxing in which he acquired in Aarhus - Denmark in 2023. 

Last but not least, he educates and also school other referees in the Danish Challengers Kickickboxing Federation (DCKF)